Winter 2021 Update

At Steel Craft Technologies, we are committed to upping our game and investing in our processes and the latest technologies to support our customers’ pricing and delivery requirements.

We are excited to announce the addition of our latest investment – The SCT “Flex-Cell.” This allows us to utilize the most current technology in heavy industrial robotics, material handling, and CNC machining to offer our customers the most cost-effective and fastest lead time machined plate products in the marketplace!

Multi-axis capabilities allow us to handle even the most complex parts. With the ability to handle parallels, die-shoes, stripper pads, and other flat-plate components up to 26”x146” and 1,500 lbs., we can offer our customers a unique solution for quality machined flat-plate products, along with the prices and short lead times they require.

Whether our customers need a simple drill and bore die set, or a more complex, machined complete and fully-assembled solution, SCT is here to help!

Contact us today to learn more!

steel craft_flex_cell_2