Dedicated Expertise

Steel Craft Technologies has over 25 years of experience serving the die and mold industries. Our 80,000 sq. ft. CNC machine shop specializes in the manufacturing of die sets, ejector box assemblies, tooling plates, and bolster plates. Our custom CNC mills are dedicated to machining die parallels and mold rails specific to our customer’s applications and data.

Making what you need

Since the beginning of our business, Steel Craft has been making life easier for die builders. From scratch, we build a solid foundation for stamping and forming dies.

  • Fully machined and assembled die sets
  • Wear plate die sets
  • Die set weldments
  • Die set kits
  • Stripper plates
  • Nitro plumb plates
  • MDL components
  • Lamina / danly components
  • Misumi components

Die Sets


Mold Ejector Boxes

Bolster Plates and Common Plates

Nitro Plates and Assemblies



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