Solid Standards

Steel Craft Technologies (SCT) is an ISO 9001-2015 certified steel service center that continues to raise industry standards for quality steel products and on-time deliveries. We strive to exceed your company’s expectations for quality and customer service.


Utilizing our modern CAD / CAM cutting machines we accurately cut various grades of steel to meet your needs. All edges are crisp, clean, and quality inspected.

  • Hi-performance plasma cutter with Tru-Hole Technology
  • 5 oxy-fuel cutting machines
  • 144” wide x 1,000” long capabilities
  • Standard, custom shapes and beveling
  • On site stress relieve and annealing

Our standard flame cutting tolerances, for both carbon and alloy steel plate.

  • Up to 4.00”, tolerance = +/-.063” per side
  • 4.250” to 8.00”, tolerance = +/-.125” per side
  • 8.250” to 10.000”, tolerance = +/-.250” per side
  • 10.250” to 12.000”, tolerance = +/-.375” per side
  • 12.50” and up, tolerance = +/-.500” per side

Our goal is to always be steel safe and burn as close to the line as possible within the tolerances stated above.

With the proper customer provided notes and or burning instructions, we can offset the line or adjust the flame kerf to the inside or outside of the line to get closer to the project specifications.


Our Blanchard and Mattison grinders exceed the tolerances set forth for thickness, flatness, and parallelism, giving you the confidence in knowing your material meets or exceeds project specifications.

  • Blanchard grinding available up to 154” diameter
  • Mattison surface grinding available up to 36” x 120”
  • Surface milling available up to 147” x 244”

Tips for lower grinding costs:

  • Parallelism is easier to achieve than flatness. You may be able to reduce your costs by specifying a greater tolerance for flatness than for parallelism.
  • Larger pieces are more difficult to hold flat. Thermal stress relieving before grinding can aid in this, reduce required stock removal, and lower your costs.
  • Pieces with thickness tolerances better than +/- .002 depending on size may require additional processing, usually in the form of reciprocal grinding. Avoid specifying tight tolerances unless they are absolutely necessary.
  • Milling offers stock removal and tolerances equal to or better than grinding without sacrificing surface finish. This translates into reduced costs, particularly on very large pieces.


Our numerous in-house Precision CNC Machines offer steel plate machined to your data. We have the latest technology with the ability to hold tight tolerances on the toughest projects.

  • 1 Mitsubishi MVR40 244” x 147” x 72” with 90 degree head
  • 1 Mitsubishi MVR30 205" x 100" x 75" with 90 degree head
  • 1 Ingersol 148” x 223” x 72” with 90 degree head
  • 3 Sigmas up to 94” x 200” x 46” with 90 degree heads
  • 3 Custom parallel processing CNC mills
  • 1 Horizontal boring mill

Oxy Fuel and Plasma Burning

Blanchard Grinding

Mattison Surface Grinding

Surface Milling

Stress Relieving – Media Blasting




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